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Your Free Copy of My Book Is Only A Click Away!

Insider Blows the Whistle and Reveals All!

Former insurance adjuster shares valuable strategies so you don't get ripped off by your insurance company!

For a limited time, get your copy of his book at no cost or obligation!

FROM: Russell D. Longcore

Dear Friends-

Frankly, I am exhausted.

Selling books is hard work. I think that giving books away might be easier.

Wouldn’t you agree?

From now until midnight ET, June 30, 2009, I’m going to give you a free copy of my hot-selling 220-page book “Insurance Claim Secrets REVEALED!” No strings obligation. This is a $29.97 value, given to you at no cost whatsoever.

Check out this amazing quote and endorsement from Tim Ryles, Ph.D., Former Georgia Commissioner of Insurance and Former Director of the Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs!!

“This book is an easily readable, highly informative insider’s view of the claims process. Don’t file your next claim without reading it.”

I’ll also give a copy of the book to anyone on planet Earth that you tell about the offer.

Pay It Forward, folks. Pay It Forward. Do good for others and it will return to you.

I accept 100% of the risk. You have 0% risk and you do not spend even one cent.

So please keep reading for all the details!

After many years as an insurance claims adjuster, I had seen insurance companies delay, defend and deny insurance claims. I wanted to help policyholders maximize their insurance claims, not stand by and watch the insurance companies cheat their own policyholders. The more I wrote, the more the book became an insider’s “tell-all” expose´that benefits anyone with an insurance policy.

I knew that the insurance companies will NEVER reveal the TRUE claims process. Why would they? If they tell you ways that you can collect more money in your claim, they make less profit. And, if you have questions about the claims process, who are you going to ask? Most people will ask the insurance company, who controls the claims process. It’s great for the insurance company, but terrible for you.

Most people I’ve ever talked to don’t know the first thing about how to handle an insurance claim. That puts them...YOU...entirely at the mercy of the insurance company and the insurance adjuster.

Many times, people who have had a loss are on the raw edge of emotion. Isn’t is natural to be fearful in a situation where you don’t feel you’re in control…where you don’t know what will happen next, and you’re scared you’ll be “ripped off?” Most everyone has heard a story from a relative or friend about an insurance claim that went badly.

People like that need solid advice and a strategy on what to do to get their claim paid IN FULL.

They need to understand the claims process completely so that they are not at the mercy of the insurance company, the claims adjuster and the claims examiner.

They need to be paid every dollar that they are entitled to collect.

They need to have peace of mind knowing that their claim was handled correctly.

So I wrote a book. I guess I struck a responsive chord with policyholders.

I wrote the book “Insurance Claim Secrets REVEALED!” (ICSR) and released it in June of 2007. By October of 2007, the book had rocketed to NUMBER ONE in two search categories at, the world’s largest bookseller. The book has STAYED NUMBER ONE continuously ever since!

Even if you enter the most general keyword possible, “insurance,” into the Search box, Amazon will show you over 350,000 books. ICSR is ALWAYS in the top 100,
and its highest daily ranking was #21 back in April 2009.

Jack Hungelmann, author of the terrific book "Insurance for Dummies," another Amazon bestseller on insurance, says this:
"My first reaction? Lots of interesting stories about your experience as a claims adjuster. Lots of useful tips. My sincere wishes for great success!

ICSR has sold all over the world at $29.97. I’ve sold it on every continent. Policyholders from America to England to Ireland to Singapore to Thailand have bought this book and used my strategies to collect more money in their insurance claims.

In this book, you will learn:
• The games and scams insurance companies use to cut costs and keep claim payments at the lowest amounts possible
• When it's the right time to use an attorney
• How you can take control of your claim, and not allow the insurance company or claims adjuster to control YOU
• What a Public Adjuster is, and the valuable help you can get from them
• That the insurance adjuster is NOT there to help you
• How to handle insurance adjusters and get paid all you are entitled to collect
• and much more

You will learn:
• What to do when you have a car accident...BEFORE you open the car door or talk to anyone. This one strategy could save you hundreds of thousands of $$$
• How much MORE money I collected (thousands!) in the two little claims I had while writing this book, and how you can do the same things I did
• About Diminished Value on automobiles, and how it can cost you THOUSANDS if you don't fight
• About cheap aftermarket auto parts that insurance companies LOVE, but leave you less safe
• How insurance companies use depreciation to cheat their policyholders, and how to fight back and WIN
• What you MUST do after a loss like a hurricane, flood or fire
• And so much more

Get this book before something bad happens to you!

Get this book after something bad happens to you to keep it from getting worse!

William "Chip" Merlin is a nationally-known attorney who goes beyond the fine print. His Tampa, Florida law firm solely represents the rights of residential and commercial policyholders. Here is his stunning quote:
"Insurance is one of the most important financial products any person or business can purchase. The sad reality of the insurance industry's broken promises is made transparent through the astonishing revelations by Russell Longcore in this book."

Here is what our readers have said about this book!

“Thanks for writing your book. It explains things so the rest of us can understand.”
Dawn A., Houston, TX

* * * *

“I was really glad when I came across your book. I wish we had come across it sooner. Thank you for writing a book and making yourself available for questions.”
Marie R., Warren, NJ

* * * *

“Hey Russ,
Great book! I am sure I will give your books away as gifts too...”

Andy S., Westminster, MA

* * * *

“I heard the DJ on the local radio station talking about Russell's book, so I immediately downloaded it when I got to work. It has been a great help to me. Not only does it talk about vehicle accidents but property damage and more, as well. I would recommend anyone dealing with an insurance company to buy this book. Well worth the knowledge you gain to determine if the insurance company is treating you fairly. Knowledge is power when dealing with insurance companies.”
Lisa W., Winston, GA

* * * *

“Russell D. Longcore deals with this head-on, and in terms that you and I can easily understand. His honest, direct, straight-forward approach is excellent.

It's not a question of "if" you're going to need to know and understand the facts about which Longcore writes in this book - but "when." Longcore addresses those things which the insurance industry would just as soon you never knew, and certainly won't tell you, until after-the-fact. Based on personal experience, I hope it's not too late for you.

If you're considering the purchase of a new policy, or are about to renew a policy - regardless of the type - READ THIS BOOK FIRST.

INSURANCE CLAIM SECRETS REVEALED! is a book deserving of a FIVE STAR rating, because it will guide you in your thought process, and protect you in ways that you've never suspected, nor imagined. Pass it up at your own peril.”

Sanders H., Atlanta, GA

* * * *

“At the end of Feb. 2008 a tornado went through our neighborhood. Fortunately the damage we sustained was inconvenient damage. We had several trees down, one unfortunately hit the back of our car, and lots of debris, and the top of our neighbor's pine tree was dropped onto our roof. We called our insurance agent to report and started the clean-up. The weekend after the storm I was listening to the radio and heard Russell Longcore being interview by Ilyce Glink. I was so impressed, I immediately got online to his website and bought the E-book. It downloaded right away and I started to read. Fortunately our house is now back together and we are only out of pocket the amount of our deductible. There is so much information in this book and it's easy to read and understand. No one should be without it.”
Dee K, Atlanta, GA
* * * * * * * *

Bookselling is tough.

I published this book myself instead of going begging for a publisher. I’m OK with that, but when you self-publish, you also assume the role of Marketing Director.

Don’t believe the hype that you can write a popular book and the money just rolls in. Hundreds of thousands of book titles are published each year. Most authors who write a book, no matter what kind of book, never sell 1,000 copies...EVER! The big mega-selling books are so scarce it’s ridiculous. No wonder publishers are going out of business at record numbers.

Selling books is exhilarating, though. You can’t imagine how rewarding it is to have readers tell stories of how my strategies have helped them collect all the money they were entitled to collect! I’ve been blessed to change lives the world over!

But What’s In It For YOU?

Simple. I want to give YOU a copy of my book as a marketing experiment to jump-start my other business.

I’ve found that another very effective use for ICSR is to give them as a business introduction gift. I use the books to introduce my business to others. I give such a large amount of value UP FRONT to prospective customers that they will do business with ME, rather than my competitors. Everybody wins.

My other business is “Insurance Quote HQ.” The website address is:

This is the best website on the Internet for getting no-cost insurance quotes for any kind of insurance imaginable.

How can I say that?

Simple. No one else in the insurance quote business can do for you what I can do.

To receive your Ebook copy of my hot-selling 220-page book, click on “Insurance Claim Secrets REVEALED!” and leave your name and email address. We will instantly send you an email reply confirming your request, and a page with your link where you can download your copy of the Ebook.

What’s in it for Russ Longcore?

When you give me your email address, I will send you a confirmation email to make absolutely certain that you have requested the book. Once you confirm the email, we send you a link where you can download the book. We do not send spam to anyone. And, when you are a part of my email membership, you may unsubscribe at any time for any reason or for no reason at all. We never share our email list with anyone, ever.

As a member of my email list, you will receive emails from me that will offer you terrific information, a regular newsletter about insurance and money, interesting offers and terrific value. My strategies can save you thousands of dollars!

When you use my insurance quote service, I earn a commission, even though you have not spent one single cent. How does that work?

Most successful insurance agents are using some type of prospecting service, in which special companies provide the agents with lists of people (prospects) that have requested rate quotes. These prospects are called “leads.”

Whenever a person goes to my website, completes the easy quote request form and submits it, the lead company pays me a small commission. Then the agents of top companies compete for your business.

You, the “prospect,” pay nothing. Quotes are free. It’s the agent or insurance company that are paying for the leads and paying my commission.

So, the more leads I send them, the more commission I earn. Simple as that.

Don’t Be Misled By Internet Ad Copy

The Internet has made it very easy to get the most competitive rate quotes for all kinds of insurance. And, naturally, it makes sense to shop for the best rates combined with the best coverage, which makes the best insurance value.

There are hundreds of websites where you can get insurance quotes. Some of them are good, some not so good. I have visited scores of these websites, and I noticed a common flaw.

They don’t think like a claims adjuster. They think like sales people.

The other quote websites seem to be all about the lowest cost insurance quotes. Now, don’t get me wrong. I like low prices as much as the next guy.

But, isn’t there usually a difference between lowest price and best value?

Insurance is a service, not really a product. So, great customer service should be near the top of your list of benefits for buying insurance.

But don’t be fixated on great customer service when you’re BUYING your policy. That will only give you a false sense of security.

You should be MOSTLY concerned with the service you get when you have a loss. After all, insurance is all about keeping promises.

You see, friends, it’s not good enough just to get a great low premium on your insurance policy. When you buy an insurance policy, all you have is a bunch of pages stapled together with writing on them.

Your policy ONLY comes to life when you have a loss and submit a claim.

You enter into a contract with the insurance company. You promise certain things, like paying your premium. They promise to pay your claim if your loss is covered.

Every insurance policy will have a section that tells you what you must do when you have a loss and want to file a claim. But, the policy NEVER tells you about the “claims process.”

The “devil is in the details” of the claims process. The insurance companies all rely on the fact that their policyholders don’t know the claims process. That lack of knowledge helps the insurance companies hold down claim settlement amounts. That increases their profits...but at your expense.

So, What Can You Do To Win?

You MUST become more “claims-conscious” than price-conscious.

Saving a few hundred dollars in premiums is great, but it won’t change your life. However, your life could be permanently altered if you have a big claim and don’t collect every dollar you are entitled to collect. Or, not having enough insurance could ruin your finances forever if you are sued in a liability issue.

So FIRST, let me help you become claims-conscious! When you read my book, you’ll become familiar with the claims process and the super-valuable strategies that help YOU take control of your insurance claims.

Then go ahead and confidently get the best insurance quote and lowest price on your NO COST TO YOU!

I recommend a four-step strategy:

1. Get a free copy of my book at “Insurance Claim Secrets REVEALED!” to get the strategies you’ll need to add hundreds or even thousands more dollars to your claim settlements. You’ll also learn crucial things you should do to protect yourself BEFORE you have a claim.

2. While you are reading the book, go to: and fill out the simple form so that we can get you the quotes you need. This service is also without cost or obligation. Not a penny do you spend!

3. Compare the insurance quotes carefully and make sure that the quotes have the same coverage.

4. Buy the coverage you need at the most competitive rates.


Between today and midnight ET, June 30, 2009, I’m going to make the book “Insurance Claim Secrets REVEALED!” available to anyone and everyone with a valid email address and an Internet connection. I’m giving a FREE Ebook copy of the NUMBER ONE BOOK IN THE WORLD about insurance claims to anyone who gives me their valid email address!

Then, if you agree with me that shopping for the best rate on the insurance you need makes total good sense, go to and click through and get a FREE QUOTE! But if you don’t agree with me, and don’t use my website to get your insurance quotes, you still get the f*ree copy of my Ebook...a $29.97 value!

Just LOOK at the vast array of insurance policies we quote:

• Auto
• Home
• Renters
• Term Life
• Pet Insurance
• Health
• Disability
• Long Term Care (LTC)
• Cancer
• Burial
• Annuity
• Business
• General Liability
• Commercial Auto
• Commercial Property
• Professional Liability (E&O)
• Business Owners Package Policy (BOP)
• Workers Compensation
• Commercial Crime
• Group Health Insurance
• Group Life Insurance
• 401K/Retirement Plans
• Supplemental Plans/AFLAC
• Keyman Life Insurance
• Keyman Disability Insurance
• Deferred Compensation
• UK and European Quotes Coming Very Soon
• And the list just keeps growing every week!

Your quotes will come from the top insurers in America today. And when you make a quote request, you’ll get quotes from multiple companies so you can truly compare rates and find your best deal.


I used this exact quote service in April, and got quotes from eight different companies. I switched insurance companies for my Auto and Homeowners policies and saved $590.00 per year! I was shocked at that kind of savings, since I watch my premiums very closely from year to year. My new policies also have better coverage than I had before.

Could YOU get that kind of savings? You’ll never know until you get the quotes!

By making this stunning book offer, I am showing my trust in you. I am sowing good seeds in good ground, and I expect a good harvest. I’m betting that the majority of people who receive a free copy of the book will use my insurance quote service to get the best insurance rates possible. It only makes common sense.

So, I’m not giving you a gift AFTER you make an insurance quote request. That is an “incentive”offer in which you are forced to make a quote request to get the book.

I’m not playing that game.

I’m giving you a no-obligation gift of my book. I’m confident that you’ll see the value that I’m giving you. I’m also confident that, because of that value, you will trust me to get you the best insurance quotes available. But you get the gift whether you make a quote request or not.

To receive your Ebook copy of my hot-selling 220-page book, click on “Insurance Claim Secrets REVEALED!” and leave your email address. We will instantly send you an email reply to confirm your request, and a page with your link where you can download your copy of the Ebook.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Get
Ripped Off By Insurance Companies

When you get your copy of the book, why not tell everyone you know how to get a free copy? There’s no downside, only upside. They will get a book that could help them collect thousands more dollars (or Euros, or Pounds, or Pesos, or Bhats, or Yen, or Rupees) in their claims settlements. Your friends will thank you for referring them to this free book offer. They will especially thank you if they ever have an insurance claim!! Then, if they save some money on their insurance premiums, they will REALLY be glad you are their friend!

If you have an email list for your business, send this offer to your list.

Pay It Forward, folks. Pay It Forward. Do good for others and it will return to you.

Send this amazing offer to everyone in your Address book. Don’t leave anyone out. Put this offer on your Facebook page. Twitter a link to this page.

No other insurance quote website in the world can offer you this winning formula for maximizing your insurance claim settlements AND getting the best insurance rates! No matter if your claim is a homeowners, renters, auto, business, etc...THESE STRATEGIES WORK EVERY TIME!

Don’t wait another day! Click Here NOW for your free book!

Thanks for your business!

Russell D. Longcore, Author and owner

P.S. I just completed the manuscript for another book. This one is dedicated to claims strategies for businesses and commercial entities. The book’s title is “Commercial Insurance Claim Secrets REVEALED!” . This new book will be available by September 1, 2009 worldwide at $49.97. Watch for it...I might give this book away, too!

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